Coffee and sakura: a stunning duet

Coffee and sakura
Flower photo created by lookstudio -

In Japan, all thoughts can, of course, be about sakura and, oddly enough, about coffee!

Many Japanese coffee chains offer customers the aromatic pleasure of sakura coffee! This new product is a limited version of a blend of high-quality coffee เมล็ด กาแฟ from different parts of the world.

More specifically, the blend consists of good coffee as a base, as well as other coffees such as fruity and floral Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, as well as sakura flower and leaf aromas.

Also added to the mixture is “cherry blossom” powder of yazakura (cherry blossom) from Ōshimazakura (a cherry tree native to Izu Ōshima island), thus creating a unique and delicate sakura flavor mixed with coffee.

According to the product description, while traditional sakura-flavored coffee is certainly aromatic and full-bodied, in this blend its cherry aroma should become even more expressed with the addition of sugar.