Safety magnetic stirrups for professional riders and amateurs

Image by Nikitax11 from Pixabay

Are you dreaming of quality safety stirrups? How about magnetic ones?

Magnetic stirrups have come to equestrian sports relatively recently. They have perfect show jumping solution. Here, the safety is reversed: not how to throw off a stirrup, but how not to lose it. In general, such safety stirrups simply create comfort for the rider, reducing his possible problems, for centuries people have ridden ordinary ones, and now it is possible to ride more safely.

How does it work

The construction includes a stirrup with a very strong magnet and a sole with a magnet of a different polarity.

By adding magnets, the traction force can be increased or decreased, as well as the contact point can be shifted closer to the toe of the boot or to the middle. In these stirrups, the direction of the magnets is made so that the leg cannot be moved back and forth, the stirrup cannot be detached from the shoe by moving along the insole. Only in a transverse tilt (turn of the leg at the ankle inward or outward).

We remind you that magnetic safety stirrups are not only stirrups, but rather the technology of using a magnet in the platform and insole, therefore the basis, i.e. the stirrup itself has different variations.

Tips for buying your perfect magnetic stirrups

If you are ready to buy the greatest stirrups you should:

  1. Choose the design you wish: Ophena S or Ophena T
  2. Choose the color
  3. Choose the size of magnetic insole (according to your foot size)
  4. Add to cart
  5. Make an order
  6. Get your perfect safety stirrups
  7. Enjoy the ride

Do not forget that you have a 60-day guarantee for your confidence in quality of the product.