When Is the Right Time to Do Fall Clean-Up?

When Is the Right Time to Do Fall Clean
Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Fall is right around the corner, so there’s lots of work for anyone owning a house. You need to check and secure wooden and metal parts, prepare protection for the space and check heaters. While inspecting the roof, doing small repairs, and thinking about cozy fall evenings, it’s easy to forget about another important thing.

Your yard.

It needs as much preparation and attention as the whole house. And there’s a lot to do. But when is the best time to start to make sure you finish preparations in time? What exactly to do to ensure the lawn and the rest of the yard are ready for the colder months?

We’re here to answer these questions

The Best Time to Start Fall Clean-Up in the Yard

There’s no universal date for a fall lawn cleanup. Every year is different, and various landscaping services have their schedules as well. Professionals from Lawn King, for example, recommend the range between September 15th and October 31st. 

This is usually the best time to remove all the dead leaves and prepare the laws for sleeping under the snow.

However, you should follow weather forecasts and understand when it’s the best time. Make sure it’s at least around 14 days till the first really cold days.

What to Do to Prepare the Yard for the Colder Months

Here are some of the things professionals do within a fall clean up:

  • Remove debris.
    First of all, leaves, branches, and other debris are removed. The lawn should be as neat and clean as possible before being covered with snow (or more leaves if you start early in autumn; remember the clean-up before winter as well).
  • Mow the loan.
    Mowing the loan one last time before the cold months come will make sure it’s tidy during late autumn and winter. Do this two weeks before the first frosty days. The grass won’t be damaged by the cold temperature.
  • Aerate.
    This process should be regular as it brings the so-needed air to the ground, making sure the roots are fresh.

Why It’s Essential to Prepare Your Yard for Fall and Winter

All the falling leaves may seem like a lot of work, so many people consider just leaving it till spring. But here’s what happens:

  • Lots of leaves fall;
  • Dead leaves start to rot after some time;
  • All of this is covered with a layer of snow;
  • The snow gets dusty and accumulates debris;
  • In spring, you have at least a foot-high layer of mess on your lawn.

At that moment, you’ll realize that not taking care of your yard in autumn was a big mistake. Gladly, there are special services that will help you with the task, but you have to call them timely.

Now, it’s high time to check if you have everything necessary for the clean-up and start the work! And if you don’t have the time or motivation, it doesn’t mean your yard will look awful. There are professional cleaners that will do it all for you. Finding a reliable company will save you money, time, and effort that you can use for other areas of your life.

There’s a service for everything nowadays. Trust the professionals!