The Japanese made blooming sakura from Lego, and you, what will you do?

The Japanese made blooming sakura from Lego, and you, what will you do?
Image by Polly Guimaraes from Pixabay

It’s hard to find someone who has never heard of Lego. The production of small plastic bricks has become a real giant industry. There are Lego constructors for children of different ages and for adults, thematic sets, and constructors that allow you to show your maximum imagination. Lego is popular all over the world. Of course, this hobby has not spared Japan.

The Japanese are attentive to detail and patient, they are able to focus on one activity for a long time. Lego is literally made for them. It is surprising that Legoland appeared in Japan quite late, only in 2017. But the scale of the entertainment offered can only be envied.

Choosing your lego toys and sets in Dubai, what would you like to build? Lego only welcomes the flight of fantasy. Perhaps you will be inspired by the example of the Japanese? A cherry blossom blooming entirely made from Lego bricks was installed in Japanese Legoland. Every spring, people from various countries come to Japan to enjoy the beauty of the sakura. However, in a short period of wild cherry blossoms, not everyone has time to do this. Well, now there is a tree that “blooms” all year round! And this sakura was also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest flowering cherry tree made from Lego.

Of course, Lego also offers many themed sets based on the plots of famous cartoons such as Lego Disney. These sets are also popular all over the world. And they in no way limit the imagination of those who play with them because you can create completely new stories with familiar characters.

For many years now, Lego sets have been one of the best gifts for children and adults. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the game, escape from everyday problems and create your own world!