Sakura in clothing

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Now Japan has become a magnet for millions of tourists from all over the world. And all because the land of the rising sun is again buried in a double cloud of inflorescences of all conceivable shades of white and pink. Sakura is in bloom in gardens, squares, in the territories of Buddhist and Shinto temple. On this occasion, a national festival, Hanami, is celebrated throughout Tokyo. Hanami translates as “the Garden of Eden of Moments.” The holiday will last until mid-May, until the last Sakura petals fall in the northern prefectures of the country and on the island of Hokkaido.

You can travel thousands of kilometers to the paradise gardens of the lush blooming of the famous Japanese cherry trees, at least with the help of clothes. Sakura is a traditional symbol of female youth and beauty. The Japanese often depict its delicate fragrant inflorescences on their national dress – kimono. Floor-length silk clothing comes in about eight varieties. Several centuries ago, a kimono could tell a lot about its mistress (for example, whether she is married or not, what holiday she is going to, what status she has in society and even how she earns her living). Nowadays, it is not necessary to have a kimono at all if you want to have clothes featuring a flowering tree. It is enough to go to MyTShirtKings and you will have casual clothes with this print.

But if you still want to buy a kimono, you are unlikely to be able to buy a real one. A real kimono is very expensive – like a new luxury car. Silk, handmade, unique design – this is for centuries. Such clothes are passed down from generation to generation in the family. These kimonos are still worn for weddings and other big events. Traditional very expensive natural silk can be replaced with other, no less spectacular types of fabric.