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Drum kit as a full-fledged formed musical instrument appeared about a hundred years ago. It began to set the rhythm in all directions of jazz, rock, disco and pop music from that time. Many performers of electronic music or hip-hop, on whose recordings it is difficult to find even one live instrument, prefer to use acoustic drums at their concerts, because they bring visuals to life and look cool. In a city apartment, acoustic installation can be replaced with an electronic one, on which a musician can hone his skills, playing blastbeat without disturbing his neighbors.

A drum kit consists of several elements, some of which are independent musical instruments. When choosing a setup, be sure to study the complete set of each specific model, since the actual set of drums may not correspond to the picture on the manufacturer’s website or store. Often, the term “drum kit” refers to a set of only four basic drums, without cymbals, stands and pedals. However, the manufacturer posts a photo of this setup with the cymbals and racks as they look better together.

However, there are quite a few kits on the market with a full complement of drums, cymbals and stands, including a pedal, a chair, and even sticks. More details on the website This option is recommended for beginners: if they are bought and assembled, you can start playing right away. In the future, this setup can be dramatically improved by replacing the snare drum, cymbals, pedal and heads with more expensive and high quality ones.

The drummer’s chair deserves special attention. It allows you to precisely adjust the seat height and choose the correct fit behind the instrument. Theoretically, you can play while sitting on an ordinary stool, but this is very inconvenient and unhealthy.

Photo 136507165 © Volodymyr Muliar |